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19 May 2008


Oh, Emilie. The ruts of my brain are worn smooth, too, for different reasons, and I am sitting here staring at my computer screen worrying away at the same old thoughts anyway, and then I suddenly thought: I'll check Emilie's blog and read about the glass elevator again, and then this. Thank you for thinking of brand new things all the time, even if it doesn't feel that way to you, and for breathing new life into a day that felt old at 11. And all this from halfway around the world....

Water and moving thoughts make perfect sense when you have no water and you are moving. You're not boring, just situated in this moment. I can't wait until the most boring thought we have collectively is where in the City we should go for coffee. Love you, and miss you and thanks for putting up another excellent post....

Ohhhh, lovely reading (even when you are not writing 600 pages) and I am always amazed at how you get it done with so much going on in your life these days! xo A.Ginny

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